Friday Five

I *think* this is something authors do thanks to YA Highway (either way, check out YA Highway if you’re a young adult lit fan), but it’s a succinct way to share about my week, so here I go.

The books – I’ve been reading a lot this week, thanks to an impromptu mid-winter break. Right now I’m reading a number of things (including student essays and a manuscript) since that’s about all one can do while being holed up. Currently I’m reading Perfect Chemistry, A Monster Calls, and Here Comes Trouble (Michael Moore autobiography). I am enjoying the YA contemp issues in Chemistry, the beautiful Ness writing and beautiful illustrations in Monster, and the humor in Trouble. 🙂

The music – Etta James passed away today. I’ve had the lovely lyrics from At Last (not original, I know, but now I’m inspired to hear a more from James) stuck in my head all day today. I fell in love with that song in high school after hearing it in some movie. I like a tweet I saw today that said “no one sings At Last like Etta James. I’m talking to you, Beyonce and Christina.” Appropriate. James’ version is full of heart, passion, soul, and just can’t be outdone.

The connections – I read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver at the beginning of this week, and coincidentally the movie Groundhog Day was on today. As a teacher, I’m constantly encouraging my kids to make text-to-text and text-to-self, etc., connections, and so I watched to familiarize myself with the movie again. For the record, the book was amazing (review) and the movie just entertaining. 🙂 As soon as that movie was over, I was looking at the channel guide (is that what that’s called still?) and Dangerous Minds was on. Again, I’m reading Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. As I’ve been reading this gritty story that includes the perspective of a high school latino gang member, I keep picturing Emilio from DM. I wish I had a more original image in my mind, but, I am enjoying watching the movie for the gazillionth time. Okay, maybe only the 24th time. I do have the lyrics to Gangsta’s Paradise memorized. This movie came out when I was in junior high and I LOVED the soundtrack (maybe I still do, a little).

The weather – If you don’t live in Washington or Oregon, maybe you don’t know we’ve had our annual snow freak out (popularly referred to as Snowpocalypse, Snowmagheddon, and/or SnOMG). On top of the snow, though, was the ice. On top of the ice we now have rain. This is a regular cycle in WA – snow, ice, melt, flood (lather, rinse, repeat). No matter what, though, WA has a way of freaking out about the weather. It is exceptionally bad this time with the ice, but still not freak out worthy. Luckily I have some gumption and a car that handles well in the snow so I haven’t been snowed-in, really. My parents and brother and sister-in-law haven’t had power for over 24 hours, so the husband and I have been operating like a B&B a bit. It’s been fun! BUT, school-wise, this is a small disaster. Next week is supposed to be finals week. We had a four-day weekend last weekend, and four canceled days this week, which means TEN days of not seeing my kids and them not being in a school frame of mind. Lord knows they’re not studying poetry in their free time this week (unless watching Dangerous Minds, of course). I don’t know what Monday holds in terms of school and student behavior, but I kind of miss the whole scene! That’s when you know a teacher’s been cooped-up for too long. 😉

The Screen Door  – My husband and spent the night in Portland last weekend for my birthday. Do yourself a favor and run, fly, walk, or bike (probably something that won’t emit hazardous gasses/fumes into the environment–you would be in Portland, after all) and eat at this restaurant! Southern faire/comfort food that’s original and packed with flavor. So amazing. We started with a breakfast corn dog and pecan-maple bacon. ‘Nuf said.



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4 responses to “Friday Five

  1. A really great Etta James song, All I Could Do Was Cry. All about heartbreak and lost love. Probably the 1960s version of Someone Like You by Adele.

    And I agree, no one can sing At Last like Etta, though many continue to try.

  2. Ugh. The weather. NO COMMENT!

    I’ve been wanting to read A MONSTER CALLS forever. Do you own it? If so, may I borrow? 🙂 Oh, and glad you enjoyed PERFECT CHEMISTRY!

    FYI – YA Highway does a Wednesday blog hop called Road Trip Wednesday that’s super fun. Readers/writers can participate whenever they want and it’s a great way to “meet” people and introduce others to your blog. The Friday Five thing can be whatever you want–themed, or just a simple way to organize and share your thoughts for the week.

    And now that I’ve written a novel here… 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up on the YA Highway ideas. I cannot write like you do, but maybe there’s the occasional thing I can participate in.

      Soooo, funny story, wordpress had your posts flagged as trash. 😦 Just found it today as I was writing my new Friday Five.

      I will bring A Monster Calls on Monday! It’s a beautiful book. Truly, in it’s appearance and the writing. I am falling in love with Patrick Ness. Have you read the Chaos Walking series?

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