Tuesday Tunes

I didn’t do a Tuesday Tunes last week, because I’m not really listening to anything new. Despite that still being true, here are some other greatest hits on my “Now” playlist!

  • Hysteria” by Muse – I LOOOOOVE Matt Bellamy’s voice. It kills me. I hear emotion in his voice–it’s a little androgynous, maybe, when he sings high–and it just makes me love the songs so much more. I just love a guy who can SING. Muse songs are at the top of my all time plays on my iPod because the songs fit every occasion and mood for me. Neutron Star Collision” by Muse – This song is from one of the Twilight soundtracks. :-/ But, when I listen to it I think about The Hunger Games (obvi) love triangle and the choices Katniss is making for love and change, and this is why I connect to it so. ❤
  • Without You” by David Guetta, feat. Usher – I swoon over Usher’s voice. It is so fabulously smooth and R&B. He always makes me want to dance. This song is a rare case of me NOT liking the Glee cast version. I think Guetta’s music and Usher’s vocals nailed it. Who doesn’t want to hear these lyrics from a significant other?! On top of that, I find myself relating many songs I listen to these days to the books I’ve read or am reading. This song fits right into the YA romance I’ve been enjoying.
  • Apartment” by Young the Giant – I’m a new YTG fan, and this is just another song that I really like. Again, I picture this song in connection with a book I recently read (Love Story by Jennifer Echols) even though they’re in a dorm. 🙂 I feel like there’s a story in this song, so one of you author friends should work on that.
  • Coming Home” by Ditty Dirty Money (c’mon, Puff Daddy is how I’ll always think of him) – NSFW/Not edited – A fun message with a great refrain (“I hate/love this song”) and chorus. I love the beats, I think not sampled like the Ditty of the past–remember when every song he released, although wonderful, included a sample?
  • “Walk” by Foo Fighters – I’ve always love the Foo Fighters and fell in love with them even more after watching a two-hour documentary (rockumentary?) on VH1 this summer. What a history! I never forget that Grohl comes from Nirvana, who could, but hearing how people criticized FF in their beginnings for sounding like Nirvana. Around the 2:27 mark (3:20 in the video)? It gets really good. At 2:47 with the “I never want to die” grit? Fugetaboutit. I like the whole song but will sometimes fast forward to the 2 minute mark to hear the chunk of song that I love the most.
  • “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé –  Well, who doesn’t love a girls’ anthem? I actually was really turned on to the song when I saw the Glee cast performance. I admit there’s some irony that they’re suggesting they rule the world and are scantily clad and dancing suggestively, BUT STILL. Anyway, ever since then, I downloaded Beyoncé’s version and keep it on repeat. I especially like the bridge (“my persuasion…”) and chorus of voices sounding part in the last 30 seconds of the song. I think that Beyoncé can be a bit of a megalomaniac and I love her despite that, of course–I’m glad this song isn’t a ridiculous display of her voice with runs and/or how high or low she can sing. Also guilty of megalomania behavior manifesting itself in too powerful singing riddled with long runs: Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson for example.

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