Trying to Change it Up

You may have noticed that I read a lot of YA lit. You may have noticed that, in particular, I have been reading YA contemporary fiction/romance, and dystopian YA. I just purchased 7 novels and all were by female authors with female protagonists (and the occasional male written by a female). I am all about girl power and smart, thoughtful, and/or funny female protagonists.

As I pulled my purchases from Powells from our Portland trip this weekend, I noticed a theme. I inadvertently went completely against my own grain with these purchases.

A biography, an autobiography, and two fiction books. All by male authors. All with male protagonists (naturally, in the nonfiction). 😉

A couple of recent fiction reads by male authors that I enjoyed:

Deadline by Chris Crutcher – My Goodreads review

Will Grayson, Will Grayson
 by John Green and David Levithan – My Goodreads review

I love a good buddy tale (Shawshank RedemptionWaynes World, ha ha!) and those two books definitely offered some male bonding perspective.

What do you think, is it okay to stick to a genre and enjoy it?
Do you try and diversify your library?


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