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Happy New Year, everyone! I missed my one-year blogiversary (oops!), but things have been pretty busy for me, lately. I’ve (sort of) been doing this blogging business for a year, now. Best way to get back in the swing of things is with a good ol’ meme! (Is that what this is?)

(see this post by Katy Upperman for the chain of inspiration)

Salted Almond Chocolate Bites – These things are amazing and totally addicting. People never really know what I’m offering when I give them one and they are seriously blown away. (SO GOOD!)

P!nkJust Give Me a Reason
Alabama Shakes – I found these on the Grammys nominations page and have been loving their retro vibe ever since.
B.o.B.Don’t Let Me Fall
Girls Soundtrack (from season 1) – so much great music, including this Michael Penn song. Plus I Love It by Icona Pop. Also, White Nights by Oh Land.
Damien RiceDelicate
Nada SurfPopular


My TBR is insane, let’s start with that. I have a couple manuscripts to read, but in the books that are published world, I’m reading This is Not a Test and The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. Up next: Taken and Nobody But Us!

Football (Well, I was, until the heartbreaking–yes, HEARTBREAKING–loss to the Falcons) 😉

Catfish – Although I knew my husband face-to-face and we had many an interaction before we officially started dating, we got to know each other well over IM over a vacation, so I understand how relationships form online. As my brother-in-law said, though, those who are “Catfished” should have their internet privileges revoked. Truth?
Girls –
No joke, I’ve re-watched the first episode of this season three times. Love it. Oh, and Donald Glover being on the show? LOVE IT.
Friends/Sex and the City
reruns Always. Even with SatC, if it’s on cable, I will watch the edited crappy episodes. I have the box sets for both these shows so I really should just have a marathon some day. Both shows still make me laugh, so much!
Pitch Perfect –
I love this movie! Add that I have also watched Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit a couple of times in recent history, and maybe there’s a recurring theme…


Thinking About…
Friends – I’m so lucky, I think, because I have the greatest friends in the world. We don’t get to see each other often, but when we do, there’s no time lost. A couple of them are going through difficult, life-altering situations and they’re on my mind and in my heart constantly.
KWeekendWinery12 Me&Emily

The Muse concert on February 1st!! The husband got me tickets for my birthday and I’m so pumped, especially after a great Lady Gaga concert on Monday.

A new semester at school. I seriously need the second semester shake-up (we keep the same students but the class periods get jumbled up).


There was a such a thing as grading fairies. It seems like I’m consistently wishing for more time?


Making Me Happy…
Classic music that, without fail, makes me happy (or teary, if need be): Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Nirvana (I know–do they have any upbeat songs? But, I can listen to them all and love them) Try Unplugged if you haven’t!

And, as always, my family and friends make me the most happy!


Sorority girlfriends this summer (minus Heather and Jessica–we missed you)!



Me with my mom, aunt and cousins at Lady Gaga!

What are you currently LOVING?



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Two Months Later, Here I Am!

Oh my little bloggy blog, you’ve been neglected! I’m proud of myself for always being able to prioritize items in my life, but feel bad for the community and sharing for two months. CURRENTLY (see this post by Katy Upperman for the chain of inspiration):

School! Can you believe it? I am loving work. It’s still early, but I am just clicking with the kids and they’re doing their work. It’s like magic! 🙂

Also, I’m loving Imagine Dragons music. If you know me, I love music and will listen to my “Now” playlist on heavy repeat and Imagine Dragons is dominating. Here’s On Top of the World, which I adore. 🙂 Oh, and this new One Direction song that I’m pretty sure is scandalous but I love it anyway.

Also school related, but I read Kelly Gallagher’s Write Like This and it’s rocking my world! Also got to read Lisa Burstein’s Dear Cassie a second time. I just love the book world and working with an author early in the process is an great experience (and an honor!). I have had little to no time for reading published books or e-galleys, but the things I’m reading in the meantime have been satiating my need… my need to read.

Dexter started again last night, which I’m pretty pumped about. Also, I have gotten into Glee again. To me, the character shake-ups are exactly what the show needed, although I’m not crazy about the music this season. I’m eagerly awaiting Community‘s return on October 19th. Oh, and I’m a little ashamed to admit I watch this:

Thinking About…
Banned Books Week and working reading into my classroom in the coming weeks as we start Free Read Fridays and start reading the first novel of the year, Fahrenheit 451. I love reading, and now is the time that I teach my students about the utter importance of reading. Sometimes they just don’t let you in, in terms of recommending something you KNOW they could love, though.


Just got my tickets to the Lady Gaga concert for January 14th! I also go to see Madonna this week in Seattle, and with one of my dear friends. I am more excited for Gaga than Madonna but I think both will be great shows. I just need Madonna to sing some of her old standards, despite that she’s a constantly-evolving-mega-artist (We get it, Madonna. Please just sing Like a Prayer and Open Your Heart, okay?).

I didn’t just spend a week upset about a some things in my life that are out of my control. Sorry for the vague “what’s wrong and why won’t she tell us” kind of comment that we all love, but there it is. 🙂 

And, I wish that there was more time in the day. If I get only one wish, it’s that I had more time to do all the things I need to do!

Making Me Happy…
Family and friends, obvi. 🙂

My closest teaching friends that I get to see every day at work!

My leadership camp friends, who are definitely a support system outside of that one week each summer.

My family in Sweden for my brother’s wedding in June last year.

My beatidul sister in law and me!

Last but not least, my wonderful husband (and me on our 5th anniversary this summer in Leavenworth, WA). He makes me laugh and makes every day special. Love, love, LOVE.


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