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The NetGalley/Edelweiss Challenge

I’m pretty excited about a reading challenge that I’ve signed up for: The Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge, hosted by Falling for YA! I signed up for Edelweiss a few years ago, because I was part of Simon & Schuster’s e-galley program. Eventually that switched over to Edelweiss and then I signed up on NetGalley, thanks to Jessica Love, who got me wrapped up in all of this. 🙂 She mentioned that teachers are auto-approved for a number of publishers (I think Disney and Scholastic?).

So, you sign up for these sites and as a teacher who isn’t a book blogger, it feels a little dirty if I don’t follow through with at least with a Goodreads review. Sometimes I don’t even get to that, but this challenge will force it, in a good way. NetGalley is making providing feedback easier and easier, where quick feedback like star ratings and checking a box of if I’d adopt it for the classroom or not, are now options.

Enter the Falling For YA N&E Challenge. I now feel like I have a goal for my reading and my blog. I’m going to commit to the Silver Level, which is 25 books read in 2014 from NetGalley or Edelweiss. I’m going to blog at least once a month for the review round-up, and link up at Falling for YA. I have always kept this Excel graph of my e-galleys, but I’ve reorganized it so that it has “first priority” books (those published first) listed at the top. My graph does include the Goodreads rating (I update it probably once a month). I don’t know if that’s totally fair to include that, but, it helps me prioritize sometimes.
What about you? How do you prioritize and organize your TBR?


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Book Blogger Challenge (Day 2 on Day 3)

I am participating in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, hosted by Good Books and Good Wine. Today is actually Day 3 of the challenge, but I don’t really have book blogger BFFs. 😉

Okay, I take that back. You should always follow/check-out/trust the recommendations of Katy Upperman and Jessica Love. Both are actually writers but have a fierce love for YA  and Kid Lit. They are both also Bookanistas. They are both also operatives at YA Confidential. They are both also AWESOME.

Today I’m covering Day 2, What’s Your Bedtime Reading Ritual?

My husband is a light sleeper. This means I cannot stay up until all hours of the night reading a hard copy book with the lamp on. However, my Kindle Paperwhite changed the whole game!

I am a night owl reader during the summer and other school vacations. I take that time that I have off and read like crazy. With the added activity of house renovation (Repair? Improvement?) I don’t have time to read during the day this summer, so I read fervently before bed. With my back-lit Kindle I can read in bed all night if I want, because the light isn’t too harsh for my husband. This is particularly handy when I can’t sleep–you know, when the mind is running and sleep just isn’t happening. I’ll read a couple of chapters from a manuscript or from the book I’m hooked to, so long as it’s on my Kindle.

I rarely, if ever, stop reading mid-chapter. I have to complete a chapter before I put a book down for the night. 🙂

During the school year I live a crazy life and go to bed at like 9/9:30 so I don’t typically read before bed, unless the husband does and I will read as long as he does.

What is your ritual for bedtime reading? 


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Book Blogger Challenge (Day 1 on Day 2)

To try to get back in the swing of things with this ol’ blog-a-roo, I am participating (mostly) in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.

So, this is actually Day 2, but I got a late start. Tomorrow’s Day 3 post will be the Day 2 prompt for me, because I don’t really have any book blogging BFFs. I’m not a book blogger, but I do blog about books on occasion. 😉 My internet presence is spotty at best so we’ll see how these 15, er, 12 days go.

Today’s Prompt: 15 Book Related Confessions

1 – I have read  few classics. I’m an English teacher and a reader and I haven’t read…okay, no, it’s probably easier to list what I HAVE read: The Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, To Kill a Mockingbird, Julius Caesar and I *think* I read The Scarlet Letter in high school. There are definitely more that I read in high school and college, but that’s all I can think of now. 🙂

2 – I leave special “bookmarks” in hard copy books. If you borrowed my copy of Speak, for example, you would find a message slip from my (now) husband from college. Even in my Kindle, I have a parking pass from a camping trip, my friend’s school picture that kept falling out of my purse so I just stuck it in, etc.

3 – I judge books by their covers. Really, don’t we all? I am drawn to covers with cool typography these days.

4 – I have a bone to pick with authors who write a series, because I can’t not finish a series. I have to read each book as it’s released, which typically means a gap year between books.

5 – If I LOVE a book, there’s a possibility I’ve bought it twice: once on the Kindle and then a hard copy (Divergent, Love and Leftovers). Similarly, I sometimes have an e-ARC on my Kindle and then buy the book if I love it a lot (Time Between Us, The Raven Boys).

6 – I always wish to reread books, especially before they hit the big screen, but I don’t have time. Because of the classroom, interning, reading new e-galleys for fun/review, etc., I just can’t. (I’m talking to you, The Hunger Games and Divergent!)

7 – I doggy ear pages and I mark-up books. I love my Kindle because I can mark-up a book without marring beautiful pages, but, I write (in pencil) on my hard copy books, too. My cousin usually then borrows my books…I’ve never asked her what she thinks of my annotations, but I should.

8 – I have this weird OCD-like thing where I mark-up/doggy ear pages when I find vocabulary words from my English class. Do I take the book in and show my students? No. (Although, that is my original intent.) Do I use the sample sentence on a word wall? No. (Although, I should.) It’s a weird compulsion!

9 – I like object covers over the real-life photos that are popular in YA today. Give me an object, colors, and/or cool typography over a girl in a pretty dress any day! (No really, please!)

10 – I have an almost absolute need to read the book before seeing the movie. As such, I have not seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, I don’t want to see The Maze Runner until I’ve read, etc.

11 – I favor YA Romance and now NA Romance a lot. I feel a little silly about this, and I know I shouldn’t.

12 – I never finished reading Bill Clinton’s My Life autobiography. It’s just SO MUCH BOOK. I seriously started it probably 8 years ago. Until I started interning, I always completed books and even when I’m reading for fun I still do. I do not have a book blogging/pleasure reading DNF list… except for Bill.

13 – I started reading YA as an adult because I read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson in my college YA Literature class. I had no idea authors were writing books set in high school that weren’t like The Babysitters Club and/or Sweet Valley High, which I loved to read when growing up. Speak is a standalone, compelling, provocative, quirky in all the right ways kind of novel and it made me want to read more about high school life, and, get those kinds of books in the hands of my students.

14 – I have never read an audiobook.

15 – I don’t do scary books (creepy/thriller/etc.). When people talk about books that are creepy/scary/etc. I’m just not drawn to them. I rarely read a book that can make me cry, and similarly, I don’t read books that are thriller kinds of page turners. Weird?

‘Fess up! What are some of your book confessions? 


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