This month the YA Book Club, hosted by Tracey Neithercott, read Allegiant by Veronica Roth. While I’m definitely feeling some dystopian fatigue, this book ripped me out of any feelings of complacency. I really loved being in this Chicago and in the head of Tris, overall. I really love Four. Okay, I mostly just love Four.

There are major spoilers riddled throughout this post, so read no further if you don’t want spoilers!

Let me start by saying I knew bad things would happen because I had seen psuedo spoilers like “Chapter 50—OH MY GOD” on Twitter so I knew something big was coming. Most people seem only mildly happier that what happened was with Tris because, with spoilers, everyone seemed to think that Four was going to be the one on the chopping block. I just thought maybe they’d be broken up because I’m brilliant like that. 😉

My initial reaction: I was mildly traumatized. There were definitely tears. I couldn’t believe the fate of the characters, but I didn’t hate it like everyone else in the world seems to. I don’t know that I felt it was the poetic justice that was intended, but, I didn’t hate it. What made that ending somewhat okay for me was what I felt was poignant moments from Four. I died a little more inside when he has the flashbacks–gosh, my stomach just did flippy flops thinking about him remembering her from her jump. Of course I wanted them to have their HEA.

The love: I’m glad Tris and Four were more loving toward each other in this book. The last YA Book Club that I participated in was for INSURGENT and I started off saying that I was fangirling all over it, which I don’t think is true, now. I think I was just really happy to have another piece of the Divergent puzzle once I’d finished it. Upon reflection, I think Tris was childish and pushed Four away a lot in that book. With ALLEGIANT, I think she showed those shades of immaturity again in this book, but after the early missteps from Four I really thought they were connected again, and I loved that.

Four: What I was more unnerved by was Four’s sort of emasculating behavior in this book: going against Tris and along with what’s her name in a rather flippant way, being so concerned about being “damaged,”–hell, he’s not divergent like his dad (Or mom? Or both? can’t remember), he should be happy, right? I know he needs a character arc and growth but I think I would have been perfectly fine with Four being static. 😉 I did struggle at times with the dual narration. Sometimes I found Four’s and Tris’ voices too similar. No matter what, I still love him and I’m excited to see him portrayed (what I think will be) well in the movies.

I feel that the whole “allegiant” uprising or that title is actually pretty trivial, as was the idea of having damaged genes versus pure genes. Who cares? Or, is it just easy for people like Tris not to care because she’s not damaged? I think that it just felt–to me–like there was some cult-like science club that had a god complex or something. I thought there would be a bigger deal about what was going on outside the fence.

I thought Tris was borderline shrill when she was right all the time and just expected Four to trust/follow/respect her when she had made pretty big errors in the past. I wanted to just think yes, she’s strong, she’s a martyr, she’s selfless and loving and that’s why she dies but mostly I was just sad she made the choice to go in over Caleb. I don’t know that a sibling could be THAT selfless, even in love. A parent, yes. Sibling, not sure. And I LOVE my brother! 😉

Still can’t get over Four. I just want the guy to be content and happy and I think he mostly is at the end, but, I wish it was with Tris. 🙂


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15 responses to “YA Book Club – ALLEGIANT

  1. Hmmm… Bits of this seem awfully familiar. 🙂 I totally agree with your love section. Tris matured a lot between books 2 and 3 and I liked seeing their sweet and steamy moments in ALLEGIANT. But yes, I was at times bothered by both her shrillness and his baby-ishness. Many up, Four! (Am I jerk? Why am I having issues with Four’s soft side?) And I’m with you on the end, too. I get VR’s vision and it works for me, but stil… I *really* wanted a HEA for Tris and Four.

    • You’ve got issues with the boys these days. 😉 No, I think Four is just supposed to be the strong, silent, thoughtful type so to see him unravel a bit was just…unnerving? Annoying? I don’t know.

  2. I felt the same way about the dual POV–it was weird, because at lot of the time being inside Four’s head painted a completely different picture of his character than looking at him through Tris’ eyes did. I didn’t understand why he did a lot of the things he did 9but then again, that’s how I felt about Tris in INSURGENT). I did love the ending, even though Tris and Four getting their HEA was always the dream. But that ending was a way better fit for the story, I think. Great review!

    • You are totally right about Tris acting sort of irrationally in INSURGENT, and now it was Four’s turn. It’s probably more true to life, but I guess I like my YA dystopian heroes to be a bit infallible, you know? 🙂

  3. I agree with everything you said. Tris dying from a bullet, after surviving the death serum felt like to much. I LOVED Divergent, but this story fell way short of my expectations.

    • Yeah, she’s seemed so infallible before that. But, I guess Tracey was right–it was the marriage of her selfless abnegation self and her brave dauntless self. Let’s just say I had to read some happy books after this one! 😉

  4. Initially, my friend and I thought it might be Four who got the chop too. I completely agree with your comments on the emasculation of Four. I’m not really into the Theo James casting but I really can’t imagine him playing this dithering Four of Allegiant – he looks far too ‘action man’. Your sibling remark did make me chuckle haha!

    • When I finished INSURGENT I tweeted Veronica to ask if she had siblings because Caleb going completely against his sister was just a foreign and out there idea to me. (She did tweet back and she does have siblings.) 🙂 I think those actions on Caleb’s behalf were showing faction over blood, of course, but I’ve been put off by that whole idea for a long time. So, for it to result in Tris’ demise, WELL, my head practically exploded. 😉

  5. So you know how I feel about Tris’s death. I agree that sometimes the POV got confusing, and a few times I had to recheck who was narrating a given chapter. Your thoughts on Four were really interesting. I did think, “C’mon, Four, get over this whole damaged idea,” but on a whole I really liked being in his head. It made me like him more and better believe his love for Tris whereas in the past he was so stoic and guarded. And I agree that the more loving couple was nice in this.

  6. I also loved when Four remembered Tris jumping – so sweet! I don’t think the end would have impacted me as much if I hadn’t seen Tris through Four’s eyes b/c otherwise I found her shrill/annoying/etc., too. And the “uprising?” Lol, yeah, it’s pretty much like, what uprising?

  7. Those Four sections after Tris died were SO sad. I really wanted them to have a happy ending, especially since they had to be on survival mode the entire time they were together. They never got a real chance to relax and be in love! I really hope Four finds happiness without Tris. (Of course, I recognize that the story ended there but in my imagination, Four is living his life now and found someone new to love. Hehe.)

    • It does make me feel better to think of him as happy, now, but you’re right: so much of their time was spent in chaos and turmoil, and they never just got to BE. *sigh*

  8. There were times when Tris got on my nerves, mostly when she thought she was right (especially when she went all “I told you so” on Four after the explosion that killed Uriah – which was a death that really did gut me).

    Having seen Theo James in one or two other things, I do think he can pull off Four. So hopefully I’m proven right when I see the movie 😀

    • Oh man, I saw the trailer on the big screen last night when I saw Catching Fire, and I am in love with Four already (again?). 🙂 Whereas when I watch THGs I do not care for Hutcherson as Peeta. I hope you’re right about TJ, too! 🙂

      • I almost threw my popcorn at the screen when I saw the trailer. So hopefully it’s good! J-Hutch has grown on me, although I still don’t experience the same amount of excitement over him as I do over a lot of the other THG/CF cast. I mean, he doesn’t do a BAD job, but I could live without him as Peeta, I guess?

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