Book Blogger Challenge (Day 6)

I am participating in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, hosted by Good Books and Good Wine!

Today is Day 6, Describe how you shop for books.

Welp, this is a problem for me in terms of purchasing habits! (I’m sure it is for all bookish people and bloggers.) 🙂

I rely heavily on recommendations from my Twitter friends! I ask about whatever I’m in the mood for, and they are awesome about responding. I do listen to the hype in the book universe because I do like to read books that I know others will be talking about. I get cover-love pretty easily and give a book with an interesting cover an extra look or a synopsis read. With New Adult in particular, I often use Amazon recommendations. If I like an author, I definitely read more from that author.

As a teacher/reviewer, I am registered on and utilize Net Galley and Edelweiss for e-galleys, which does save me money…except for when I love a book and then buy it for my book shelf. Also, having a Kindle changed the game a bit. Books are cheaper and a freaking touch or two away! So, I buy more compulsively (whatever I’m in the mood to read at that time). The bonus is that the books are more affordable, but again, I find myself buying a hard copy of a book I really enjoyed. 🙂

I live in Tacoma, which is a mere two hours from Portland, which contains the CITY OF BOOKS! Portland is a great place to visit and I’ve started to set limits for myself before a trip to Powell’s. (Last time I successfully purchased only two books, and one was for my 2 month old nephew!) You can order online, of course, but being in Powell’s is an experience. 🙂 I’m realizing I purchase almost exclusively from Powells. I’m rarely in a book store and purchasing based on what’s on a table or the shelf since Borders closed here a couple of years ago and I’m never in the neighboring towns with a Barnes and Noble.

What are your book buying habits?

I believe I’ll be taking tomorrow off! (Day 7: Talk about your blogging quirks) My blogging quirk is, for the record, that I go missing for long periods of time depending on what’s going on in real life. 🙂


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