Four score and seven years ago (or, January 20th-ish), I actually posted something on this blog. I’m back for an easy breezy “Currently” post. 🙂

(see this post by Katy Upperman for the chain of inspiration)

This time of year. The sun is out! Plus, family! Plus, friends! Plus, free time (sort of)!

Coco O. – I really liked the The Great Gatsby soundtrack and mostly liked the movie. This song, though, I die for!
Blurred Lines – Just catchy and poppy! The video is kind of ridiculous, which I *think* they did on purpose.
Die in Your Arms – I don’t… I can’t… I’m sorry, I don’t know why the Biebs makes this list, but seriously! I adore this little ditty.
It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over – This is old school, but I love this song. Love. Plus, long haired Lenny.
Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars always has a song that I listen to. Always.
Alanis Morrisette, in general – Reading Time After Time by Tamara Ireland Stone reminds me of the awesome music of 1995, AKA my 9th grade year in school. So much amazing music, really. This is Uninvited (because the song is great, but so was the movie City of Angels, amirite?)
Dark Side – Kelly Clarkston is one of those pop artists that wiggles her way into my “Now” playlist on my iPod. (See also: Bruno Mars)
Chelsea Dagger – This song, thanks to Blackhawks hockey and the puke scene at the end of Pitch Perfect, was what introduced me to The Fratellies. Now, I love!
Long Black Veil – Dave Matthews, enough said?


My TBR is insane, let’s start with that. But whose isn’t?

I’m reading Here Comes Trouble (for real this time–I’m over half way through), The Sea of Tranquility, and Right of Way.

I just finished The Infinite Moment of Us, Golden, and Time After Time recently. I’m perpetually 2% behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal (50 books in 2013) but I hope to cover a lot of ground this summer.


NOT Game of Thrones. 🙂 But, yes, I have heard what happened with the Red Wedding business.
True Blood (namely, Alexander Skarsgard)


Was Watching… (when I drafted this a couple of weeks ago)
Mad Men – The last episode was pretty great!
Smash – I just really got into this show and it turns out it’s too late for many reasons, including that it was canceled. 😦 So sad!
Romeo + Juliet – It’s the end of the school year finale–the final unit–and I show the Baz Lurhmann version the last week of school. The kids don’t totally get it, but they

If you can believe it, I haven’t been watching much TV. There’s not a lot on and I haven’t had much time. The hubs and I did see The Great Gatsby in the theater and watched Lincoln, finally.
I also just bought Silver Linings Playbook. You know, to support my BFF J. Law.

Thinking About…
Home ownership! We got keys on Friday and we’re in the middle of making some improvements before we move in in August. Exciting, and, I finally get it… it’s so much more rewarding, exciting, etc. to clean, organize, and all that when it’s YOURS and you LIVE there with the one you love. 🙂

Moving into our new home!

The Dream Thieves – I am dying to hear if I’ll be approved for the e-galley on Net Galley. The Raven Boys was one of my top three of 2012!

The Divergent movie – Does this need explanation?

I was better at blogging. As such, I’m jumping on some of the days of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, hosted by Good Books and Good Wine. I am not really a book blogger, but this should get me back into blogging and of course I love books, so there’s that!

I was traveling right now. Seeing Jessica Love’s travels is inspiring and she shares really great pics!

I could see Beyonce, Muse (again) and Foo Fighters in concert. Not together, just in general. I have a wish list of concerts much like my TBR (never-ending, constantly being added to). 😉

Making Me
Becoming a home owner!
Being an auntie – My nephew was born 5 weeks early and was a little 4.2 pound DOLL. He’s absolutely adorable. There are some pics on my instagram profile.
photo 4

What are you currently LOVING?

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