Tuesday Tunes – Madonna!

Sarah and I awaiting Madonna’s arrival! Crummy camera pic.

Some have been asking, still, how the Madonna concert was last month and I’m going to take a Tuesday Tunes and tell you all about it. First, let me say, Madonna, at age 54, looks and sounds amazing. She might have had a lot of work done on her face, but that doesn’t create muscles and toning in the rest of her body–we know the woman is in shape. I think her voice, overall, is probably fickle to begin with but in the case of this concert she claimed to already have a sort throat thanks to the smokers in Canada, and then the smokers IN Key Arena. But, the world knows she can’t sing as high as she used to in the 80s. All that in consideration, the woman sounds great.

This was night 2 of 2 for Madonna in Seattle. As such, Sarah and I had heard in advance that Madonna didn’t take the stage until 10:30 (ticket said the show started at 8, but we know how that goes with opening acts). Sarah and I took the opportunity to have a nice dinner at P.F. Chang’s in Seattle and didn’t leave for the concert at Key Arena until after 9 o’clock. 🙂

The opening of the concert included crosses, Madonna in a confessional-like room, demons/gargoyles, etc. This was not surprising to me, but I have a friend who, after seeing this display, did leave after about the third song. Believe me, Madonna was just warming up!

The next portion of the evening was about Madonna killing her lover. Seriously. The songs were pretty laughable (“DIE B!TCH!” was an exclamation at one point, “Act like a b!tch, die like a b!tch” was another) but the noir-style costumes and set were actually kind of cool, I thought. I have another friend who said that if a guy had sung a song about killing his lover like Madonna did, that it would never fly. Probably true. So, we’re all shocked that Madonna pushes that envelope, right? 

The song I looked forward to since the Super Bowl halftime show was the L-U-V Madonna song. Madonna was dressed like a cheerleader or majorette, and there was a drumline, and her backup dancers were dressed as cheerleaders. I loved the playfulness of this section and thought Madonna just looked amazing (she did take the opportunity in this uniform to be a little cheeky, if you know what I mean).

I think it was during this performance that the audience learned her son Rocco is one of her back-up dancers. He’s definitely not as tall and svelte as the other male back-up dancers. But, I was blown away! The kid is 12 years old, touring the world, and is a good dancer. It just made me think, WHAT is that family’s life like? 

This image is from the Just Jared site where I just read that Madonna and Rocco appeared on ELLEN on the October 29th show. Click the image to see the article.

I had heard Madonna does this, so I looked forward to the mash-up. I remember how ticked (annoyed?) my brother was when he heard Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, claiming it was a Madonna knock-off and not original at all. Madonna does a mash-up of Express Yourself and Born This Way. They definitely fit seamlessly and I enjoyed the spectacle. The song concluded with Madonna saying I’m not she, or She’s not me, or something along those lines. 

Sooooo… a special part of the evening is when the audience gets to see Madonna’s butt. She had revealed a fake back tat that said “Obama”–Madonna makes a plug for voting and a BIG plug for voting for Obama–and as she continued her strip tease, she pulled down her pants, revealing her thonged derriere. It wasn’t bare buns (she also had on fishnets), but I saw her butt, and I thought that was strange and interesting. 😉 But again, not shocking. It’s Madonna.

My favorite Madonna song is Open Your Heart, as I have shared in a previous Tuesday Tunes. I was thrilled when she sang it during this concert, but a smidge disappointed that it was a cover version that she sang with the chanting monk men trio that was incorporated into man parts of the concert. Still, I consider it a win she sang it at all. 🙂 

Finally, the moment that got me (literally, I teared up and almost cried tears of glee) was the pure version of Like a Prayer. The entire “cast” of Madonna’s was on stage, singing and dancing, and she didn’t change the tune at all. I was connected with my second grade self and all the media attention that Madonna received for the controversial video. I was reminded that I’ve been a fan of Madonna’s for as long as I can remember listening to music. I remembered my aunt and a cousin having Madonna hair, much like Madonna in 1990’s Dick Tracy. Speaking of, I remember having the Dick Tracy soundtrack–a cassette tape version of Madonna’s songs from the movie–and listening to THAT on heavy repeat (and loving the movie, of course). I remembered listening to The Immaculate Collection on heavy repeat in junior high with my other girlfriend Sarah. So yeah, the whole concert was a big deal to me. 🙂

At this point I think I know more people who were disappointed with the concert than people who were happy. I find this interesting. Who really believes that Madonna isn’t going to try to be controversial? Who really believes Madonna is going to sing Material Girl? The woman literally wrote the book (a book) on sex and she has said in interviews how she doesn’t care for the material girl image of her past. I thought the concert was totally worth the price of admission and was so glad I went. It is truly a show, a production that Madonna puts on, and I’m glad I got to check off seeing her in concert from my bucket list!



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2 responses to “Tuesday Tunes – Madonna!

  1. Tara

    I’m glad you checked it off your bucket list. It sounds like quite the experience, and all you had expected! It’s Madonna! Thanks for sharing this. I feel like I lived vicariously through your blog. 🙂

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