Friday Five (on a Monday)

The Legend – When Ray Bradbury passed away a few weeks ago, I almost cried. Just reading Fahrenheit 451 has made an imprint on my reader’s heart–I think his writing is often prophetic and always meaningful.  My students were so sweet about it, and wanted to hold a class memorial service for him. We watch multiple videos with interviews with Bradbury every year when we read Fahrenheit 451 and I think the kids always like his bravado. My principal said he was going to send me a sympathy card. So, yes, I was sad about his passing. Now I celebrate that his literature lives on and that my students will continue to “know” Bradbury through his writing and media.

The Meet-up – I was eagerly anticipating meeting Stacy Abrams and Lisa Burstein, because, as is normal for the publishing industry in my experience, I’d only formed relationships with them really through Twitter. 😉 I mean, Stacy is the editor that I intern for–remotely–and Lisa is one of Entangled Publishing’s talented authors, but I hadn’t met them in person. I had a great time meeting up with them on Bainbridge Island in WA (Stacy in town from NY and Lisa in town from PDX). I feel like I could have talked for hours so it was a quick meet, greet (and eat) occasion, but a great one. Thanks for making time during your respective vacations, ladies (and gentlemen–their husbands were also there). 🙂

Stacy’s husband, Mike, Stacy, me, Lisa, and Lisa’s husband, Tim!

The Vacation(s) –  I just got back from beautiful Tucson, AZ for sorority convention. It was a good time and an affirmation of why being a member of a sorority was and is special to me. It would be easy to take offense from the comments I occasionally get from friends about “trying not to hold being a sorority woman against me.” 😉 I’m very proud of the Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Sigma chapter (my chapter) at Washington State University for their Runner-Up in Highest Scholarship (!) award and their Golden Kite recognition (one of 22 chapters). I’m also super proud of the chapter I advise, the Delta Iota chapter at the University of Puget Sound, for their Runner-Up in Excellence in Finance award and their Silver Kite recognition (one of 32 chapters). There are smart, hard-working, talented sorority women out there, people!

Today I leave for beautiful, sunny Lake Chelan. My family stays in Chelan for a week every summer and we camp out (RVs) with about six other families. It’s a tradition and a VERY good time. I’ve grown up with all the “kids” we go to Chelan with, and my friends and family know how to have fun. I may post pics upon my return, if you’re lucky. 🙂

The Latest Reading – I read two great e-galleys last week, and only had time for brief reviews on Goodreads. I gave 4.5/5 stars to Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone. I gave 4/5 stars to False Memory by Dan Krokos. Both books were compelling, quick reads that I couldn’t put down. Once you’ve read Time Between Us, please stop by the website! Stone notes on her Twitter bio that she loves music and is stuck in 1995 which makes for a great time travel novel, I believe, and a fun companion site with playlists and concert lists.

The Music – I may be inspired to do a Tuesday Tunes because I’ve downloaded all kinds of great stuff lately. Best of all was this video from Muse–the official video for the Olympics, apparently. New music from them in September and now I’m hoping an appearance in the opening ceremonies or something. 🙂 See my musings about Muse from a previous Tuesday Tunes here. There’s also a couple more songs of Muse’s linked for your listening pleasure there.



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6 responses to “Friday Five (on a Monday)

  1. Was so great meeting you Kari! 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you loved Time Between Us! 😀

  3. Hi Kari! We are GoodReads buddies (I just read Time Between Us! and wrote a review!), and I wanted to extend our “friendship” to blogging! It sounds like you’ve been having a great summer in between your internship, meeting publishing folk and listening to Muse! Hope it keeps on keepin’ on 🙂

    • Hi Rachel! I am so not good about blogging, as may be evident by my one month lapse here, but I try. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Going to go check out your review, right now!

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