Friday Five

Well, hello! Here’s a Friday Five so you know the latest and greatest.

The School Year That Never Ends – Thanks to snOMG 2012 or Snowpocalypse 2012 (whichever you prefer) and the powers that be not approving an application for waived make-up days, I will be in school until JUNE 26TH! This is insanity. I think we might be going later than any school district in the state, maybe the entire US?! The good news is that I leave the very next day for Tucson for my sorority convention so there will be lazy river floating, sunshine, and sorority fun to blow off steam!

The Olympics – Hey, did you know the Olympics are this summer? 😉 I will be glued to USA women’s gymnastics for sure, catching swimming and women’s  beach VB when I can. In honor of the upcoming ceremonies we made our last school spirit assembly an Olympics theme and it was AWESOME! 36 classrooms were paired up and assigned a country. Each country carried in their country flag and for each “event” teams sent a male and female representative. So much inclusion of students and so much enthusiasm. It was our best assembly in a long time. 🙂 Games included the javelin (throwing a pool noodle long distance), kayaking (use a plunger to get across the gym floor on a PE scooter) and the relay where individuals had to put on a wrestling helmet, track pants, water wings, etc. and dribble a basketball and then trade the clothes with their teammate at the middle mark. Can’t wait for the Leadership Olympics at leadership camp in August! Our camp ends on the same day as the actual summer Olympics closing ceremonies… coincidence, I think not.

Not my most flattering picture, but this was part of my get-up for representing Cuba in our school Olympics! (Red glitter shoes and red mardi gras beads not pictured.) 😉

The Internship – Remember how I’m interning for Entangled Publishing, for super Editor Stacy Abrams? It’s going very well. I love reading manuscripts and reporting back to the powers that be! I just wanted to let YOU all know that I haven’t had as many opportunities to read “for fun” (although reading manuscripts IS really fun). This summer I will have many more reviews for published works on Goodreads that I will of course link here. 🙂 Also, if you haven’t read Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein (published by EP), I totally recommend!

The Sunburn – I have the worlds MOST RIDICULOUS sunburn (now a “tan”) from two weeks ago when I went to Eastern WA with my family. I was reading a manuscript in the sun for a couple of hours and wasn’t wearing any sunscreen–which is completely against everything I stand for. I’ve actually been told by my dermatologist that I “nice, milky white skin” which is only a compliment in a dermatologist’s office. So, I have a cool square neckline tan and farmer tan arms from the short sleeves. I RULE!

There’s redness, but I concealed the awesomeness that is my sunburn in this picture. A game of friendly Outburst Junior (circa 1993) commenced after this picture. Please excuse my scrubby camping hair and attire! 🙂

The Palm Springs – of WASHINGTON! That’s right, I’m heading to Yakima this weekend! It’ll be a quick trip so I don’t know how much sun I’ll be experiencing, but it should still be fun meeting with the WACA executive board. I kid you not, that there’s a sign outside Yakima that says “The Palm Springs of Washington”: 

What are you up to this weekend?



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4 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Your internship sounds fantastic! I would have loved to do something like that. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh man…we’re in school until the 14th (without snow days, because we don’t get those here) and I seriously feel like we are the last people in the world in school. Hang in there!

    • Thanks! Our principal just said today that while in bargaining, the bargaining team has already decided that “we should never go this late or be in a position to go this late ever again.” Ya THINK!? 🙂

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