BMM Thursday #1

The prompt for Thursday of Sara McClung‘s Blog Me, MAYbe blogfest, is MAY I tell you about someone else?

I’m excited to share about a friend and colleague of mine name Jason McWhirter. Jason wrote a Young Adult fantasy novel called The Cavalier, which is book one of his Cavalier Trilogy. In addition to being a writer, Jason is also an effective and popular World Studies teacher in my school. He has worked tirelessly to self-publish and self-promote, as many of you have experienced on some level (in addition to writing, editing, etc.). You can find out more about Jason and his talents (he also has some screenplays and created original drawings for the books) on his website, Twiin Entertainment–yes, he’s a twin.

Summary for The Cavalier:
An Ancient evil has awakened in the lands of Kraawn. An evil that threatened the lands long ago, now stirs deep in the Black Lands of the North.

Cavaliers, the guardians of the righteous, have long been the protectors of Kraawn. Trained in combat and blessed with the powers of the gods, these warriors roam the lands using their skills to fight back the power of the Forsworn, a trio of evil gods whose ultimate goal is to blanket the world in a mist of darkness.

But something has been slaying these warriors and now the lands of Kraawn are at risk, the path of invasion paved by the deaths of the only guardians capable of combating the dark powers of the Forsworn. But not all is lost. A young boy, a cripple raised in a small mountain town, will become Kraawn’s only hope.

Jonas Kanrene thought his life was limited to helping his mother survive in the desolate Tundren Mountains. Then one night a stranger arrives, a powerful cavalier, bringing with him hope, life,…and death, and becoming a catalyst for all the change that was about to dismantle Jonas’s world. Can the powers of good fight back the horde of evil amassing in the north? Can Jonas grow into the man, the warrior, the cavalier capable of stopping the Forsworn? One thing is certain. The lands of Kraawn will never again be the same.

***I haven’t read Jason’s book but I have had a couple students report back that it’s “dirty!” in terms of the violence. 😉 Jason offers a disclaimer about The CavalierThis series is reccomended for teenagers to adults but keep in mind that the books do have graphic violence.  There is no swearing or sexual content but there are definitely adult themes mostly related to battle and violence associated with war.  In other words, the “evil” antagonists in this trilogy definitely do some EVIL things.***


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