BMM Wednesday #1

The prompt for Wednesdays of Sara McClung‘s Blog Me, MAYbe blogfest, is MAY I ask you something?

What is your dream job? (Are you currently fulfilling your dream or are you working on it?)

The reason I ask is because, although I love teaching, I think that becoming an agent or editor seems to be an exciting path so I guess my dream may be changing! I still have my hands in two worlds, of course, while I plan my path and see what works for me and my husband–have you experienced something similar?



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5 responses to “BMM Wednesday #1

  1. My DREAM would be to write books from home, which I’m pretty much doing. The JOB part comes with selling said books and making a little income!

  2. My dream job is a toss-up between archaeology, paleontology, and paleoanthropology. I’ve been fascinated by prehistory and primitive man since I was six years old.

  3. I share a similar dream as Katy! I’d love to be able to write books from home and make money doing so. I’m definitely working on it!

  4. I’m a stay-at-home mom, which has always been my dream. Before that, I was a college instructor, which I also loved and which paid the bills. My other dream is to write full-time. Currently, I write in the little pockets of time being a mom gives me, but someday I hope to write full-time.

    Good question!

  5. My dream job is to be Sarah Dessen.

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