More The Hunger Games

There’s nothing more fun than people realizing your love of a book and saying, did you see the US Weekly? Did you see the COLLECTOR’S EDITION People magazine?! knowing that finding these treasures will bring you joy. I’ve gotten a lot of that lately (but yes, of course, thanks to The Hunger Games Examiner I already knew).

I am so pleased about the kerfuffle surrounding The Hunger Games. I am so proud that students are reading the books and loving it. I am so excited for this movie and feel that I won’t be disappointed, because I like it THAT MUCH. You know, when you like something so much it can do no wrong? That’s The Hunger Games for me. 🙂

If one were to track what brings people to my blog, it’s definitely my Hunger Games obsession post. So, I’m bringing the people a bit of what they want with this post, whilst once again declaring my love for all things HG.
Keep Calm Read Hunger Games

My Hunger Games Capitol Colours nail polish is en route to my house! I can’t wait! I need a Mockingjay pin, though. That’s what I do feel I’m missing…

I’m almost more excited to see Wes Bentley as Seneca Crane and Lenny Kravitz as Cinna more than the big three. I mean, they are beautiful men and even if one is playing a bad guy, I’m okay with it. 🙂

How lovely is this picture? I haven’t seen it before. From Vanity Fair.

Check out YA writer and teacher Jessica Love’s post about The Hunger Games mall tour. She went to the tour stop last weekend in LA! There are some fun factoids/trivia snippets included from the Q & A. 🙂

Finally, there have been a number of new clips and trailers that I will compile and add here, later. Just wanted to share some Hunger Games love. 🙂



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3 responses to “More The Hunger Games

  1. I’m with you…I know I’m old because I am SO PUMPED about Lenny Kravitz and Wes Bentley, and I pretty much have no idea who Liam and Josh are. Whatever. Haha.

    Thanks for linking my post! 🙂

    • I probably should have told you I linked to you? I don’t get blogging culture! 😉 I always enjoy your recounting of stories like the mall tour one so of course I had to include a link. 🙂

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