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I decided to participate in this Blogger Confidential question, you know, because I have like three followers on my blog and inquiring minds want to know! 😉 I recently began following Emily on Twitter, and she has a great blog here. Today’s Blogger Confidential question is:

Do people in your offline life know about your blog? Or have you made a concerted effort to keep your online and offline life separate? Why?

The quick and easy answer is no, *most* people in my life have no idea I’m even on Twitter, let alone have a blog. My husband and a couple close friends know about my Twitter activity and blogging. It’s not a totally concerted effort to keep it private, as I’m slowly inviting friends to check out my blog, but it’s mostly because I don’t think they’ll be very interested. More on the “why”…

Identity Crisis
One reason I’m not widely promoting my blog and sharing “in real life” is because I don’t have a platform. I’m not an emerging author, and I’m not announcing anything or giving away anything (yet, I guess). I’m not an agent or an editor (again, yet) and I am not a full-fledged book blogger. It’s not a family blog, a crafting blog, or a wedding planning blog. I like expressing myself through writing, and I’m a social person, so I like blogging and other social networking . Also, my whole life and especially as a teacher, I’ve been taught to be VERY careful with what I divulge online and have tried to hide from students. 🙂 

Part of the reason my friends and family don’t know I’ve been blogging is because I don’t think they would care. I’m the only bookish person in my family. This notion was challenged when a close college friend of mine said “Love your blog! It’s a great way to know what you’re up to!” (thanks to Friday Five). Also, blogging and interning are not my primary career. Above all I’m a full-time classroom teacher, so until I hit a rhythm and get “good” with my blogging I’m not sure I’m ready to unleash the blog on my family.

Finally, I would promote this blog more, participate in other blogs more, etc. if there were just more hours in the day. 🙂 I need to hone my book reviewing skills, set a blogging schedule, and try to post more like two or three times a week (instead of my average one) so I actually have something worth sharing outside my Twitter life. I need to look into guest blogging and need to visit other blogs a LOT more. So if someone could just drop more time in my lap, that would be great.



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3 responses to “Closet Blogger

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  2. If someone sends you time and you see you can spare some, do you mind sharing with me? 😀

    Not many people from my offline life know that I blog or that I am an aspiring author. My parents, sisters and my in-laws know about it and my close friends…

    Maybe once I have an agent, I might be more open about it but right now I like my security blanket…:D

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