My Hunger Games Obsession

The first step is admitting you have a problem. It’s a healthy obsession, I promise. I am not super artsy (just mildly creative) so I’m not out on the fan sites creating poems, pictures, maps, trailers, playlists, etc. Although, I could make a mean playlist. 😉 I wish I was out there with a great  fan site or blog, because I cannot express how much I love THG.

I haven’t been part of a book craze before. I read all of the The Babysitters Club series, but that was very different and I was young (not a lot of merchandising, no blogging or internet buzz, no movies for mass release). This is usually where people’s mouths drop open in surprise, but I haven’t read any Harry Potter or Twilight. As a result, I’ve tried not to watch the movies, either!

After a couple of friends read The Hunger Games, I followed suit. I got a late start, so I was able to read the first book and Catching Fire one right after the other. Thank gosh! I about died waiting for Mockingjay, and when I read it, I stayed in bed for hours one day until it was done. After the last page, I read the acknowledgements and anything else in the back of the book, clinging to any last shred of Hunger Games that I could. Through tears, of course. I had never had a reaction to literature before, and these books moved me.

I get to teach Fahrenheit 451 to my ninth graders every year, and The Hunger Games spoke to everything I love about Fahrenheit. There’s commentary on a mindless society that watches excessive TV and does anything that the government demands, obviously due to threat of violence or harm. But, The Hunger Games also set a strong female protagonist apart from a colorful and strong supporting cast. I wasn’t all about girl power until recently, and Katniss led the charge! In fact, The Hunger Games opened my eyes to amazing young adult and dystopian literature. I’ve gone on a bit of a dystopian binge as such. Stay tuned for that post.

My family and friends don’t really get it, and I’m sure me being 30 years old has something to do with it. My family has no readers and my friends, although many appreciate the books, aren’t posting Safe and Sound with a critique on Facebook. 😉 My friends aren’t plotting how they’ll see the movie at midnight on March 23rd (When I will actually be out-of-town at a conference, but again, it’s an obsession–where there’s a will there’s a way!).

Here’s some of my favorite Hunger Games news, links, etc.:

Nail polish colors inspired by The Hunger Games, by China Glaze.

Do you have a book or series that you are “obsessed” with?

Or, what do you LOVE about The Hunger Games? 



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6 responses to “My Hunger Games Obsession

  1. I love the series… i was obsessed for a while, after i finished it. And though it will be one of my favs, HP will still be on top.

    • I have a lot of HP-lovin friends who keep encouraging me to read! Add them to my list. 🙂 I just found a wiki while I was trying to figure out who Wes Bentley was portraying in the movie and while reviewing some of the plot and characters was just reminded, ONCE AGAIN, that I love HG so much! 😉

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