I have to say that I’m a reluctant blogger. I am interested in networking and sharing book reviews, but everything I’ve ever been taught about the internet is contrary to blogging and putting it all out there! My students even had a internet safety assembly just this Monday that made me think about backtracking. But, here we go…

I have some posts up that are about a week old. A couple are about me and a couple are Tuesday Tunes (because I LOVE music!). Go ahead, snoop around!

I thought today (my birthday) was as good a day as ever to launch, although there’s not much to launch, I guess? Not a new career or a big announcement. I hope to get to “know” some of you and your blogs, pages, etc. as time goes on!

Just got a birthday card, and how cool is this:
“I think it’s true what they say: Life really is a journey–and it’s not always easy to know which maps to trust and what to pack for the trip. But whatever the weather, wherever the road leads, I think the best possible traveling advice would be this: Bring a friend.” – Keely Chace

Welcome on my journey!



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2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Hi Kari! We can “hold-hands” virutally ;). Wat to go!

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