31 Things About Me (on my 31st birthday)

1. I love nothing more in life than my friends and family. I thank my lucky stars for having such fun, supportive, intelligent and interesting people around me!

2. A close second to those friends and family is my allegiance to WSU. I can’t explain it, people. I met my husband there, sparked my career with a great friend, and it was a special four years.

3. I totally love crappy reality TV (Real Housewives, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dance Moms) and not so crappy reality TV (Top Chef, Project Runway). I think my husband thinks a little less of me for these shows clogging our DVR, but it’s a weakness and I can’t help it!

4. I tear up when I see people sing the National Anthem. It always sends chills down my spine.

5. I still have nightmares (at 31) about being in a math class and not having a clue and it’s TEST day. Although annoying, this is also hilarious as I’m not in school and luckily get to focus on the liberal arts as a teacher.

6. I have the Aladdin soundtrack/score pretty much memorized. I had the tape from my cousin when the movie first came out and seriously played it ALL the time. When I watch the movie it is kind of ruined.

7. When eating fries, I place them in size order and eat them in pairs.

8. I own the box set DVDs for Friends and Sex and the City and could watch either series over and over again.

9. I have never taken public transportation…it’s not a “thing” here in WA. I think I’m a little afraid of it!

10. My childhood pet cat, Babycakes (named her when I was five) lived for 21 years.

11. I’m really peeved I can’t find re-runs of The Wonder Years on TV.

12. I was born 12 minutes to 12 (noon) on the 12th (of January).

13. I love glitter and sparkle…I am my mother’s daughter, as many of my friends say.

14. I wear my wedding band on my right hand and my engagement ring on my left. There wasn’t a band that matched my engagement ring, so I just have two completely different rings.

15. I have to have the windshield wipers on the perfect speed in the car. I live in constant fear of breaking off the wiper knob because I’m routinely adjusting the wipers when needed.

16. Not a snake person. Bugs and spiders, fine…rats and mice (hello Camp Cispus!) are fine, too…NO snakes!

17. The husband and I would love to take a million vacations together. Greece and Ireland are at the top of our list.

18. I love a good road trip and could rock the iPod the whole way! Alone or with friends, I don’t mind being in a vehicle and hitting the road.

19. I love eastern Washington and often say I could move there. Love the drive, love the weather, love the friends that live there, love Pullman. If you don’t know anything about eastern WA, it’s pretty different from western WA and rural for the most part, so trust me, this is a big deal. 😉

20. I so dislike the color purple (yes, it goes back to high school rivals and then college rivals) that I have requested it be used minimally on an art project that Patrick and I completed. He did not protest.

21. For some reason I have always been fascinated by organized crime movies/shows like Goodfellas, The Sopranos and Casino—I used to want to be in the mob. 🙂

22. I had a seizure the summer before 6th grade and the doctors never established why…freakish and scary moment in my life.

23. I love “Would You Rathers.”

24. I frequently buy books for my personal library and the only problem is I don’t have the time to read them. I buy more anyway. It’s kind of a problem.

25. I have never been a coffee drinker. I even did a job shadow at Starbucks corporate HQ in Seattle and still didn’t catch the coffee bug. Love the smell, though!

26. Whenever I walk past fire alarms I feel compelled to pull them.

27. When I was little, my brother, cousins and I used to make music videos! They were awesome. I specifically recall videos for Too Legit to Quit, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Rumpshaker.

28. I’m not a big fan of salt water. There’s too much going on under the sea that I can’t see. Rip tides. Sharks. Seaweed. Alligator Gars (FL). Freaks me out!

29. I like rain and snow—take that WA weather haters!

30. I tried to resist using a digital camera until as late as possible. My first digital camera was a wedding gift in July ’07. And, my fears are realized as all my pictures just sit by their lonesome selves on snapfish and my computer hard drive.

31. I love creating handouts and I love school supplies. Probably part of the reason I enjoy my job so much.



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4 responses to “31 Things About Me (on my 31st birthday)


    Girrrrrrl…I have that SAME math class dream. All the time.

  2. Happy belated Birthday and welcome to the blogging world Kari 🙂
    I motivate my morning workout by knowing I´ll get to watch my Friends DVDs! 😀

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