Tuesday Tunes

I’m still listening to my last tunes on heavy repeat, and in honor of yesterday evening’s “songsiwillnevergettiredof” trending, I’ll just share five songs that are always money to me.

  • Open Your Heart by Madonna – I love a lot of Madonna songs, but this is one that gets a lot of play on my iPod. Crazy for Youis a close second.

    Open Your Heart

  • I Want You by Cee Lo Green – After seeing him on Saturday Night Live, I downloaded a couple songs, became a quick fan, and received his CD from my mother in law. Love the retro feel of this song in particular. I also love Bright Lights, Big Cityand the Billy Jean beat in the background.

    I Want You (Album Preview)

  • On to the Next One by Jay-Z– I LOVE hip hop even though you haven’t seen a lot from me on Tuesday Tunes (yet).

    On to the Next One (NOT EDITED/NSFW)

  • The Only Exception by Paramore– So sweet and this song just makes me feel like I’m in one of my beloved YA romances.

    The Only Exception

  • Supermassive Blackhole by Muse – I love a lot of Muse music but this one has the most plays for me. My appreciation was dampened slightly by its appearance in Twilight, but I can’t stop listening to it!

    Supermassive Blackhole

  • The Bitch is Back by Elton John– My mom and I saw Elton in concert and just danced and sang along all night long. I remember asking for the Yellow Brick Road album for Christmas in junior high and my aunt acted as if I’d asked for a third eye or something. Anyway, most Elton music is lovely and this song in particular just makes me feel like a badass.

    The Bitch is Back

  • Under Pressure by David Bowie– I love this song, but get chills every time around the 2:30/3:00 mark. Golden. I’ve always loved classic rock (thanks, dad) and this song is one of my all time favorites.

    Under Pressure

  • Across the Universe, Til There Was You, Two of Us (and a hole lotta others) by The Beatles – I saw Paul McCartney in concert in 2003 and cried half the concert with tears of joy. I just love The Beatles. I’m working on getting their whole catalog, made easier by the fact that iTunes actually carries it all. I have The Beatles Anthology on VHS because I love them so. ❤


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