Tuesday Tunes

I’m jumping on this bandwagon because I love music. I listen to a little bit of everything, with the exception of country music. I have just never been a fan. I will be sharing songs on repeat for me each week with Tuesday Tunes.

I create a playlist on my iPod, called “Now,” and I listen to the list on repeat. It includes my most recent downloads and whatever songs out there that I just like, no matter how old. I listen to this list excessively, as opposed to the radio. Listening over and over drives my husband crazy, especially during a period of time (like now) where I only have 30 songs on the list. And probably because there’s some Glee music. Husband is not a fan of Glee. 😉

It’s a source of contention for my family that I love singing–I’m good at harmonizing and have always felt that a good tape, CD, and now iTunes shopping spree is money well spent. It’s a source of contention for my husband that I (ironically) don’t know the words, often, to the songs I love. Me: “Streetlights people. Leaving just a funky motion.” Translation: Streetlights people. Living just to find emotion. As a result, I do my best work singing in the car–I love a solo road trip where I am IN CONCERT. Sometimes I sing answers or instruction to my students. In the end, lyrics are trivial to me (ironically, as an English teacher), and often melodies, harmonies, and other musical devices are the selling point for me.

Now Playing:

  • “It Will Rain” Bruno Mars – My gosh, I haven’t seen any of the Twilightmovies in their entirety, and even then I’ve only seen the first and second. Have avoided the books. I know Bruno is an overexposed pop artist and this song seems out of place for many with Breaking Dawn Part 1. With my limited knowledge of Twilight it seems like it’s perfect. This song is melodic and haunting. I picture the Northwest setting and hear the emotion in Bruno’s voice and adore it. Love it. Repeat.

    It Will Rain

  • “We Are Young” Glee cast – This was from the Hold on to Sixteen episode, which was my favorite in so long for the show. I listen to the song and picture the cast just being HAPPY and being… young. As a teacher, I notice that kids want to grow up WAY too fast and this song makes me smile as I imagine the cast using the song as a touchstone to be a little more carefree. The bridge (?) in the middle of the song is so great. Who doesn’t want to set the world on fire or burn brighter than the sun?

    We Are Young

  •  “Sail” AWOLNATIONBlame it on my ADD, baby. WHAT!? The pace of the song and the electronic drop beats (I’m making this up, I’m sure) along with what sounds like plucked strings is just lovely.


  • “My Body” Young the Giant – I’ve been reading a lot of YA contemporary fiction with an emphasis on romance. 🙂 This song IS YA romcom. My body tells me no / But I won’t quit / Cause I want more… It’s my road… It’s my war… And so it goes.

    My Body

  • MANY weeks appearance on my playlist: “Elenore” The Turtles– Harmonizing pop boy band music of the 60s. They actually wrote it as a parody and a foil to “Happy Together” so it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. Good, because it probably wouldn’t have 37 plays on my iPod otherwise! 😉



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