First Day Five

I like the brief “Friday Five” posts I’ve seen before, so I’m breaking some rules and going for five on day one to introduce myself!

1. I teach 9th grade English and the leadership class at my school. Most days I really enjoy it. People often tell me I’m brave, and/or that I’m a saint for teaching junior high. I don’t believe that myself… I mean, there are days. Remember junior high? Yes, there are days where the kids are whackadoodle, but they’re not evil. I get to teach two subjects that are meaningful to me and in a great district with phenomenal teachers. You will not finding my raging against The Man here.

Courage to Grow” is a song by a band named Rebelution and I think the message of the song is perfect for junior high kids. If nothing else, the walls of my classroom are lovely to look at and were fun craft projects for me.

Front of my classroom.

Another wall of inspiration in my classroom.

My teacher besties. I LOVE these women--whackadoodle days are survived thanks to their ideas and support!

2. I totally overuse emoticons (specifically, the happy and winky faces). I also use many an exclamation point. I am a pretty optimistic, often positive person. Hence, I suppose, the exclamation points and smileys. Sorry in advance.

3. This blog may be all over the place for a while. I am involved in many things and am feeling out an additional potential career. Yes, I said additional career. Doesn’t everyone have two careers at one time? I love my family & friends, movies, music, laughing, frozen yogurt, WSU, trivia Wednesdays, iced tea, singing, pop culture, traveling/vacationing, reading, teaching, my state activity adviser professional association, trying getting in shape (any shape?!), leadership camp & staff, Christmas, coffee smell–no coffee, though… Welcome to my world!

I am a teacher counselor at a leadership camp every summer. It's a rejuvenating, inspiring, fun, exhausting four days but so wonderful. I love these women, too.

4. I’ve been teaching for 8 years and after my friend Katy Upperman wrote a YA novel, I started poking around in the agenting/publishing world. I am an intern for Entangled Publishing and I love it, however, I do feel a bit like Chandler on Friends. Luckily I don’t have an office to report to with a bunch of recent college grads to make me feel old. 🙂 I decided to start a blog after discovering that nearly every author and agent that I follow on Twitter has a blog. It’s a wonderful little writing/publishing mafia and these are fun, fascinating people!

You might recognize Katy in the black shirt. 🙂 These are friends from high school, then college, and we've managed to keep in touch for many years!

5. Happy 2012, friends! I feel in my core that this will be a great year. Not sure if I’m sold on this page theme, yet. We’ll see if it changes. Thanks for reading, and look for Tuesday Tunes, next!

This is my family a summer ago...

And this is my family, now! In Sweden for my brother and sister in law's wedding in June '11.


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